My name is James Bradley. I began learning Autocad with release 7 in 1992 in high school in Dallas, Tx.
My senior year of high school in 1993-1994 I was selected along with 2 other students to participate in a dual credit program with Dallas County Community College District where I was to take college level classes in Autocad and construction design. After high school I continued to take classes for another 2 years in Autocad and construction design, Until I was hired as a Steel Detailer in March 1997 where I started my training in detailing steel (a subject that was barely even mentioed in college). So I had ALOT to learn. I used Autocad for several years before Steelcad was introduced. In 2002 I went to work for a fabricator where I was trained to use SDS/2 detailing software. In 2004 I returned to my original place of employment where I was in charge of multiple projects at a time. In 2004 I was certified as a SC2 Detailer by the NISD and in 2007 I was certified as a SC1 Senior Detailer by the NISD and I am currently Certified until 2014.
Bradley's Steel Details began in January 2011. We have completed  jobs ranging from just one piece of steel to over 900-tons of steel.
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